It’s a lot more cost effective and profitable to grow your business by increasing revenue and referrals from existing customers, than it is to keep chasing strangers. If you’ve got a database of existing clients, you possess an extremely valuable asset. An asset that a quality e-Newsletter is perfectly suited to take advantage of.

Some of the benefits of sending e-Newsletters:

  • An e-Newsletter increases lead generation and cross selling.
  • An e-Newsletter increases customer lifetime value.
  • An e-Newsletter provides a low cost, instantaneous channel for sending messages.
  • An e-Newsletter opens up a two-way dialogue with customers and prospects.
  • An e-Newsletter hypercharges your existing marketing efforts.
  • An e-Newsletter provides instant, measurable results.

If you already send printed materials out to your contact list – whether as a print newsletter or in some other fashion – the most immediate and measurable benefit of switching to an electronic format is a savings in time, printing and mailing costs. With a variable cost per newsletter of nearly zero, you will never again have to weigh the benefits of printing more materials or agonise over whether or not person X is ‘worthy’ of the cost of sending information.

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