Using WordPress as a stand-alone content management system (CMS) has become increasingly popular in recent times. A WordPress CMS is ideal for in-house updates, social media integration, and reliable and economical web development.

It’s also ideal for beautiful websites with lots of features like rotating photos, video and audio, photo galleries, calendars and more. Unlike many of the dedicated and costly CMS’s, WordPress is designed to be easy-to-use for everyone, even the technologically-challenged.

Some advantages of having a WordPress CMS are:

  • The ability to update your site in-house when you want to because WordPress is a user-friendly CMS. It lifts many of the old barriers to updating!
  • It’s an ideal platform for integration with Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and other social media.
  • You receive the features or technology you need onto your site more economically. WordPress has a lively and dedicated developer community which means it has thousands of high-quality plugins readily available for galleries, stores, and calendars, etc.

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