Choosing the right colour for your website

Colour in your branding is always important and should never be an afterthought. You want to ensure that the colours you choose reflect your business. Creative Market has put a great article together that talks about excellent colour design and how to achieve a professional looking website. Read on to learn about selecting the right colour for your website.

The combination of shades creates a specific impression. Food blogs should make you feel hunger and ambition (after all, you want your readers to attempt your recipes); commercial sites should inspire desire for the product so you make the greatest number of sales. Whatever the purpose of your site, the colors contribute immeasurably to the web design, mood and personality. A professional appearance is essential to success, so here are some examples of excellent colour design and how you can have the same.

Three-Colour Websites : The three colours can be any combination, primary, secondary, tertiary and they can be complementary or analogous. It’s important for the colours to work well with each other, but it’s also essential that they don’t overlap too much. If your colours are too similar, your site may not pop and users may go elsewhere for a more stimulating experience.

Five-Colour Websites : Expanding on the three-color theme, five colours allow for a greater variety of accent tones and interest. With five colours, you can stimulate a full sensory experience based on the way a colour makes a person feel. The extra shades refine the image to one that perfectly suits your web design.

There is more to choosing the perfect color palette than feelings, but colors do help create an experience within the user. Whether using a simple WordPress theme or an independently designed template, the end result should feel clean, professional and inviting. After that, it’s up to your business philosophy to dictate the appropriate combination to evince the ideal reaction.

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