Choosing the Right Colour for Your Website

Colour in your branding is always important and should never be an afterthought. You want to ensure that the colours you choose reflect your business. Creative Market has put a great article together that talks about excellent colour design and how to achieve a professional looking website. Read on to learn about selecting the right colour for your website.

A guide to web typography – The basics

Typography has always been the foundation for good design. The right typography choice can make a project come to life but knowing what’s right isn’t always easy. I love typography has written this great article about some ‘rules’ we should all follow when it comes to using web typography.

Free scalable vector icons

Font Awesome gives you FREE scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized — size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done with the power of CSS.

2014 Web Design Trends

Argon Design has put together a list of some of the design trends they predict- will impact designers in 2014. It’s really important to follow trends – not only to stay current in the design industry, but also to ensure you meet your client expectations.

WordPress plugins for March 2014

Ezequiel Bruni from web design depot breaks down the best free wordpress plugins for March 2014. It’s a great idea to continually search for plugins as it enhances not only your knowledge but also your Wordpress websites thus keeping your customers happy!