WebSOS are a talented group of web design professionals working together to allow small businesses to grow online by delivering great design solutions at inexpensive prices. Our experienced creative team will guide you through the steps needed to deliver you an eye-popping, high-performing, user friendly small business website – all for a price that will put a smile on your dial. In no time at all we’re sure you’ll be telling your friends that WebSOS is the #1 Choice in Affordable Websites.

Welcome to our WebCheck – 5 Point Checklist
… setting up a website has never been so easy!

Our WebCheck – 5 Point Checklist has been specifically designed to get your website up and running in a few steps with the least amount of hassle. The Checklist aims to give you a clear understanding of what’s involved during the design-and-build process, and what is required from both parties.

1. We are real people – come and meet with us, email or give us a call

Meet with us in our office, send us a message via our website, or simply give us a call. We’ll help you plan your new site and choose a design theme. We’ll be with you from start to finish!

2. Send us your content

Send us your text and images via email, disc or through our Online File Uploader. Or if you like, we can help you write your content and source professional stock images. All you have to do is ask!

3. WebSOS will tailor your site to suit your business

We upload your initial content free of charge (logos and text), or dummy content for you to update yourself. Your website design will reflect your business requirements and the goals of your business.

4. Review and revise your site

You may need some text slightly adjusted, or a new image uploaded – we can do it for you before your site goes live.

5. Green light... your website is ready to go live!

WebSOS will hit the go button and have your website uploaded in no time. We can even help you get your site out there using SEO and Social Media.